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2021 bmw m3 vs 2021 porsche 911

Even though the BMW M3 was historically out of the Porsche 911’s league, they have become competing cars in recent years. Let’s check some important features on each to find out which one’s the best car in Toronto.




Both cars are great, chassis-and-interiors wise. The 911 looks perhaps less menacing frontally than the M3. Overall, the Porsche 911 looks a bit simpler than the BMW M3. Interiors are excellent in both, as you would expect, with the 911 looking a bit more sports-y than the M3.

The M3 has more room in the rear seats and an extra set of doors. In the Porsche’s back seats, there isn’t enough room for two adults to sit. The trunk is a lot bigger in the M3 with 480 litres vs just 132 in the 911. 



The M3 has a 3.0-litre twin-turbo straight-six with 503 hp driving the rear wheels, whereas the 911 has a 3.0-litre twin-turbo flat-six with 385 hp. While the winner may be obvious here, the 911 performed better in some tests, reaching 60 mph from a standstill in 3.7 seconds. The M3 needed 4.0 seconds for this.


Fuel consumption and range

The combined MPG in the Porsche 911 is a bit higher, netting you 20 mpg against the 19 mpg the M3 offers. The fuel tank also has a higher capacity of 16.9 gal in the 911 vs 15.6 gal for the BMW. These differences don’t seem much, but the range in miles varies considerably. The Porsche 911 will get you 405.6 miles (highway), whereas the M3 will get you 358.8 miles before needing a refill.




The M3 has a maximum torque of 650 Nm from 2750 rpm to 5500 rpm. This means that the pulling power is excellent in the mid-range. In contrast, the Porsche 911 has a maximum of 530 Nm from 2300-5000 rpm, which is still great.

The M3 also offers an excellent set of calibrations via the “M Setup” menu, where you can set up suspension, brakes, steering, engine and transmission options. Also, the assisted steering makes for an excellent road feel.

In the 911s, the electric steering is also great and points perfectly. You can also switch modes and get different configurations, such as “Wet Mode”, where you can feel the car handling changes to suit each driving situation.



The 2021 BMW M3 comes at a starting price of $83,545, with the Porsche 911 starting at a more expensive $129,600.


To sum up

To sum up

Both BMW M3 and Porsche 911 are excellent cars for car enthusiasts. Aside from their specifications, they are geared towards slightly different profiles. The M3 is, in essence, a family car that can double as a sports car. So if you need practicality, it’s definitely the way to go.

In turn, the Porsche 911 sacrifices practicality for agility. If you’re mainly looking for a sports car, the 911 would be the way to go. It’s also lighter and has a greater range than the M3, so it can also be great for longer journeys.


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