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Auto Detailing in Toronto - We service Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Lexus and more!

Scheduling a Toronto car detailing appointment at FARAZ AUTO SALES is easy! Just use our online service form to conveniently book your appointment from the comfort of your home. We'll confirm your appointment and get your vehicle back into 'like-new' condition. Whether you need Audi, Lexus, Mercedes-Benz or BMW detailing in Toronto, Faraz Auto Sales is the place to go.

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    We all know that luxury vehicles, whether new or used, come loaded with superior comfort, performance, and tech features. And to maintain those features you need the right set of expertise that only a luxury car dealer such as Faraz Auto Sales can offer. Repair and maintenance of luxury cars can be much different from an average set of wheels and ordinary repair shops are not often equipped to deal with that.

    For more insight on what luxury car serve and repair is like, please read our brief FAQ's:

    Luxury Car Service & Repair FAQ's

    Is it very expensive to repair a luxury car?

    Repairs can often be more expensive for luxury cars because they are built through high-tech engineering processes that involve the use of materials and parts that are unique to each model. Replacement parts for such vehicles can be pricy as they are often in very limited supply and can only be bought from the OEM. But it is essential to hire a certified technician to remove or install those parts because a small mistake by the mechanic can cost you a lot of money. This is why we always recommend our customers to take their car to a luxury car expert for any repair work.

    Do used luxury cars cost you a lot in regular maintenance?

    The short answer is NO. It's quite affordable to service and maintain a high-end used luxury car. But of course, you cannot compare it to the maintenance cost of a Toyota or a Honda. It requires a little more care and money than those. And if you buy your vehicle at our dealership, you should not have anything to worry about. All our vehicles go through a detailed inspection process before making it to our showroom. We also have a highly qualified team of luxury car service experts who can help you with your regular service and maintenance needs at a very affordable cost.

    Can I take my luxury car to a neighborhood repair shop?

    Yes, if they have authorized service technicians for repairs and are equipped with all the tools and modern machinery required to diagnose and resolve issues with complex mechanical systems. And if you are not sure whether they have the skills and capabilities required to fix your car, we suggest you take it to an authorized service center or a luxury car expert. Doing so will go a long way in extending the vehicle’s life span and improving its performance.