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Why Lexus is the Best Used Luxury Car Brand

When you want to go all out and splurge on a luxury vehicle, there's no better one than the Lexus brand. The Lexus is a top of the line model that surpasses your dreams and desires for premium cars and excellent driving. Why is Lexus the best used luxury car brand? Let's take a look […]

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Living the Porsche Lifestyle

Having enough to enjoy life is one thing but living the Porsche lifestyle is a completely different thing. When people think of the Porsche lifestyle, they think of a luxurious life and a special feeling of belonging.     Porsche = Happiness   Most people feel happy enough if they can afford to purchase the […]

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Guide to Buying a Used BMW

Buying a brand-new luxury car may be out of reach for most people, but buying a used car is an obtainable goal for many people. Driving a luxurious used BMW is a fantastic way to upgrade your ride no matter what your status is. You will enjoy the smooth drive around town in this German-made […]

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2020 Land Rover Range Rover Sport

What makes the Range Rover Land Rover Sport so desirable is the fact that it is able to drive through virtually any terrain. In can easily tear through rivers and on muddy trails, it can go places that most vehicles wouldn't dare to go. However, the Land Rover Sport is not just a tough and […]

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Coolest Supercars You Can Own in Toronto

Everyone dreams of being able to own a supercar. There is no experience quite like sitting behind the wheel of a car while the engine is roaring in your ears and the world is zooming by at lighting speed. At Faraz Auto Sales, we make your dream a reality. There are certain vehicles that just […]

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