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Audi E-Tron - Luxury Electric SUV: Review, Ratings, Specs and Prices

It isn't easy to find electric SUVs on the market, but the available ones are quite impressive. The Audi E-Tron is an exceptional example of that. It features a smooth ride, high-quality cabin materials, and a range of premium features. 

In 2022, Audi is introducing the performance-oriented E-Tron S to enhance its appeal further as an electric SUV Toronto vehicle. It is an all-wheel-drive SUV with a third motor. The total output is 429 hp, but it can boost to 496 hp at certain times.




The starting prices are slightly above average for luxury hybrid and electric SUVs. The starting price for the Premium is $66,995, Premium Plus is $75,895, and Chronos Edition is $84,495.




The E-Tron's safety ranking is among the highest among all SUVs. With its complete safety features and outstanding crash test results, it gets a perfect 10.

The whole family of E-Tron vehicles has active lane control and automatic emergency braking. In the Prestige and Premium models, there is a Driver Assistance Plus package that includes adaptive cruise control and traffic-sign recognition.


​​Quality and comfort

The E-Tron 2022 lineup is characterized by exceptional cabin comfort and craftsmanship. It has plenty of space, comfort, and quiet for families with four or five members. 

The front seats are extremely comfortable, great for long road trips since they put you in closer proximity to the dashboard while still having enough space for your feet and offer good visibility.



The Audi E-Tron is a well-built and comfortable SUV. An electric powertrain enhances the ride with smooth power delivery, unusual quietness, and a stable riding experience.

The Audi E-Tron received the following ratings:


Comfort: 9.0

Both drivers and passengers will love the luxurious seats and the quad-zone climate control system, which keeps everyone comfortable to their individual preferences.


Interior: 8.5

Interior 8.5

The door openings are nicely squared off, and the seats are at the perfect height for easy entry and exit. However, the controls are mixed. It is easy to use the drive mode shifter and most small control buttons.


Technology: 8.5

Technology 8.5

The audio system has excellent sound quality, and the navigation maps are exquisite. Driver assistance technology includes:

  • Automatic emergency braking systems
  • Blind-spot detection systems
  • Rear cross-traffic detection
  • Intervention systems
  • Lane-keeping assistance systems


Storage: 8.0

When the seats fold down, the cargo hold expands to accommodate larger loads and is easy to load.


Range and efficiency: 7.0

Range and efficiency 7.0

The E-Tron's range is 222 miles, enough for daily use.


Value: 8.0

Even though it's costly, the quality, performance, and driving experience make it well worth the price. Roadside assistance and the warranty are good, but other ownership factors are outstanding. With the Audi E-Tron, you get the high quality and elegance that comes with all Audi products.


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