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132 Vehicles Picked A Good Day to Die Hard

132 Vehicles Picked A Good Day to Die Hard

At Faraz Auto Sales, providing you with the highest-quality used cars in Toronto is our passion, but we also enjoy catching a good flick at the movies - especially when it involves some big-name autos. Recently, we hit the
theater to see A Good Day to Die Hard, where there were
plenty of car chases, and of course, explosions. Lots of explosions.

It wouldn't be a Die Hard
flick if that weren't the case, right? In fact, 132 vehicles were destroyed as
a result of these chases, stunts, and more. The cost of all that? $11 million.
Of course, this wasn't done in vein, because John McClane was on the scene,
getting his hands on some evil Eastern Europeans, in classic McClane fashion,
bad-boy style. This time, his son is even along for the ride! With all the action and well-known vehicles hitting the screen, it was hard not to enjoy to movie.

Sure, no true gearhead likes watching an expensive
luxury car get crushed to bits, but for every car that bit the dust, there was
a moment where we saw a vehicle do something we could only dream of performing.
That's the power of movies, and for that, we say "Yippie

We hope you feel the same excitement when you visit Faraz Auto Sales to take a look at our wide selection of used
cars. We are here to answer any questions you might have at 96 Signet Drive in Toronto, and are always happy to detail models that
grab your attention.

If you simply want a place to go for vehicle tips,
news, and the occasional movie review, subscribe to our blog today, as we're
dedicated to keeping you informed.







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