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2020 Audi Models

2020 Audi Models

Known for its luxury and position as a status symbol, Audi is a German car manufacturer owned by Volkswagen. Around for more than a century, Audi is known for its sleek styling and solid performance in high-tech, powerful cars that are fun to drive. Audi's 2020 model lineup offers luxurious features at all trim levels.


You might find it hard to decipher Audi's 2020 model lineup if you are unfamiliar with their letter and number system. The "A" designation is used for base models. The "S" designation is used for sportier luxury models, and "RS" is used for the sportiest models that might not have as many high-tech features. "Q" is used for Audi's SUV line. In addition, the TT, R8, and e-tron models don't fall into that lettering system. These letters are then paired with numbers that often mean different things. A higher number could mean a larger, more powerful car, or it could mean a similar car with a different body style. Most importantly, a higher number means a higher price tag.


2020 Audi Models


Audi's lineup ranges from the entry-level A3 subcompact sedan to its e-tron electric SUV. One of Canada's three top-selling premium auto brands, an Audi is a car that makes people stop and stare. The 2020 model changes somehow increase the quality of these already top-of-the-line, innovation-packed vehicles.



If you are looking to purchase your first luxury vehicle, the A3 model line offers a strong entry to the Audi brand. You can choose from the A3, S3, or RS3 sedans, as well as an A3 Cabriolet (convertible). While the vehicle's design might be sleek and minimalist both inside and out, the performance is anything but that. It offers power up to 229 HP to zip quickly and easily through city streets or along stretches of highway.



The A8 model line features Audi's flagship sedan. Updated for 2020 with new and improved standard features and enhanced comfort and style, this car will change what you think you know about sedans. Offering 335 HP and 58% aluminum construction, the A8 is the epitome of modern luxury.



Audi's best-selling model is the Q5 SUV, and you can choose from three models--the Q5, the Q5 TFSI, and the SQ5. The Q5 and SQ5 offer a standard gas engine while the Q5 TFSI is an all-new plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) model that pairs a turbocharged gas engine with a powerful electric motor. With a gas engine output of 248 HP and electric motor output of 141 HP, the Q5 TFSI can go from 0 to 100 kph in 5.3 seconds. Not too shabby for a hybrid.



Saving the best for last, the Audi 2020 model lineup features the first Audi Sport SUV available in Canada. The RS Q8 features almost 600 HP, 8 cylinders, and can go from 0 to 100 kph in under 4 seconds. With an aggressive exterior to match its sporty performance, the RS Q8's interior is simple, indulgent luxury.


Audi's 2020 lineup promises updates to the standard features available on most models, which includes improvements in safety, luxury, and performance. But the pièce de résistance is the all-new RS Q8. All Audi models will give you luxury and performance, but this SUV is like nothing ever seen before.


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