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5 Best Luxury SUVs to Buy in 2020

5 Best Luxury SUVs to Buy in 2020

The SUV market is a popular and crowded one, with models available to suit every need and budget. But if you're setting your sights on the higher end, the luxury SUV sector offers some amazing vehicles for the demanding driver. Here are five of the best to buy in 2020.

1) BMW X3

2016 BMW X3
The German manufacturer may be better known for their luxury coupe and sedan models, but the X3 SUV from BMW is a fine example of combining sports performance with upscale comfort in a format that's ideal for daily driving.
Positioned at the smaller end of the SUV scale, the X3 is available in gas versions producing up to 382hp, as well as an all-new hybrid option. But whichever powertrain you choose, the surprisingly spacious interior is packed with comforts and customisable options.

2) BMW X5

The BMW X5 steps up to the mid-size SUV level, pushing the engine power up to a maximum of 567hp and increasing the interior space to seat up to seven in comfort.
As the fourth generation of this particular model range, the 2020 X5 has years of refinement behind it, and it shows in notable features like the large-screen, user-friendly infotainment system packed with features, and smooth and refined feel under all driving circumstances.

3) Land Rover Defender

While Land Rover might be renowned for their SUVs' rugged off-road abilities, they're no slouches when it comes to high-end luxury. The long-awaited Defender continues with the brand's unbeatable off-road credentials, but adds a huge number of interior features to take the vehicle into the luxury category. Highlights include a 10" infotainment touchscreen, a head-up display, and a 14-speaker high-end audio system.
However, the Defender still retains the rugged feel of other Land Rover models, so you won't be scared of setting its power loose away from the security of the pavement.

4) Audi Q5

The Audi Q5 is another luxury compact SUV, competing directly with the BMW X3. The outright performance may be a little lower with a maximum of 367hp, but this is balanced by an exceptionally smooth drive with assured handling in all conditions.

Add to that a spacious, highly refined interior and you've got a luxury SUV to be reckoned with.

5) Audi Q7

Moving up to the mid-size segment of the Audi range, the Q7 increases the engine power to an impressive 500hp backed up by responsive handling and a super-smooth driving feel.
But this SUV is about far more than raw power, as can be seen by luxuries like the dual touchscreens to control the infotainment system, premium cabin materials including wood and leather, and a host of advanced tech features to improve both comfort and safety.

Test Drive a Luxury SUV in Toronto

Whether you're looking for the thrilling off-road experience of the Land Rover Defender, or the searing street performance of the BMW X5, you can find it in our inventory. Contact us now to arrange a test drive from the largest luxury SUV dealer in Toronto, and see for yourself just how impressive a SUV can be.



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