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Are Luxury Cars a Good Investment?

Are Luxury Cars a Good Investment?

There's plenty of pleasure to be had from owning a luxury car. From the sheer comfort of the interior to the reassuring power under the hood, high-end cars take driving to another level.


But owning a piece of luxury needn't be an extravagance. Upscale cars from Jaguar, Porsche, Audi, and many others can actually be a great investment, making sense on hard-headed business terms as well as giving the thrill of ownership. Here are the five most important reasons why.


1) Resale Value Retention


With a luxury car, you'll pay a premium when you first buy, but the vehicle will hold on to its value for longer. With an ordinary car, the resale potential will steadily decline over years, leaving you seriously out of pocket if you don't trade in soon enough.


Luxury cars lose their value much less quickly, particularly for brands with a supremely loyal following like Porsche or Bentley. A well-maintained upscale car can still fetch a respectable price years after ordinary cars are consigned to the breakers yard.


In fact, some of the most desirable vehicles like the Lamborghini Huracan or special editions of the Porsche 911 can actually grow in value as they become rarer with age.


2) High Interior Technology


The latest and greatest developments in car technology usually appear in luxury cars long before they reach the mass market. From entertainment to navigation, a car that's kitted out with high-end gizmos and gadgets will always attract a higher price than one that's looking tired and dated.


A regular car will quickly start to show its age on the technology front, while a luxury model can stay current for much longer thanks to its more advanced starting point.


3) Top-Tier Safety Features


Similarly, luxury cars tend to offer the most advanced safety features on the market, with high-end owners willing to pay extra for increased security. From driving aids like hill-start assistance to emergency braking systems, you're likely to find them as standard even on the lower-end luxury models.


Appreciation for safety only gets stronger as the years pass, so buying a car with cutting edge features now will pay off in the longer term as future used buyers look for the best.

4) Complimentary Maintenance and Roadside Assistance


Luxury car manufacturers have a reputation to keep, and it's in their interests that their cars stay in good shape for years. Buy a high-end car and you can often enjoy free roadside assistance or complimentary maintenance packages, cutting your running costs significantly and reducing the need for expensive repair bills down the line.


5) VIP Perks


Lastly, many luxury car manufacturers offer exclusive perks to go with ownership, such as the free concierge facility supplied with Infiniti cars or the Lexus rewards program for purchases of other luxury goods and services. If you choose wisely, these perks can add up to a significant value over your car ownership period.


Invest in Luxury Cars in Toronto


Whether you're looking for a high-end Lexus or an exclusive Maserati, a Lamborghini supercar or a top-of-the-range Mercedes-Benz, our inventory contains the finest selection of luxury cars in Toronto and beyond. Call in to browse our range, and make an investment in luxury you won't regret.

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