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Five Reasons for Buying an used BMW i8 in Toronto

Five Reasons for Buying an used BMW i8 in Toronto

There's no doubt that electric and hybrid vehicles are the future of driving. But up until fairly recently, typical hybrids lacked a little something in the excitement department compared to the best traditional gas cars. That all changed with the launch of the BMW i8, a hybrid supercar that set the EV world alight.


And while the i8 is an amazingly attractive car to buy new, it's an even better prospect on the used market. Here are five reasons to shop for a used BMW i8 at our Toronto location.


1) It's Got Sensational Style



From first glance, the i8 is a car that screams style and luxury rather than parading its eco-friendly credentials. Fittingly for a car that's powering straight into the future of the auto industry, the i8 is all about low sleek lines, pavement-hugging curves, and assertive confidence.


Add in the attention-grabbing butterfly doors, and the i8 is a car which turns heads everywhere it goes.


2) Blistering Performance


The i8 might be hybrid, but there's nothing halfhearted about it in terms of sheer performance. The powerful electric torque can arrow the car from 0-100km in a mere 4.4 seconds, and while the top speed is electronically capped to 250kmh, even at high speeds the i8 always feels like it has plenty in reserve.


Almost incredibly, the gas part of the hybrid powertrain is based around a diminutive 1.5L three-cylinder engine, albeit one that's been modified to make a healthy 231 horsepower. But add in the 143hp pushed out by the electric motor, and the i8 is a car that's going places very quickly indeed.


3) Excellent Everyday Convenience


The i8 has a stated electric-only range of around 40km on a full charge, so for daily driving around the city it's conceivable you'll never need to employ the gas part of the powertrain.


Couple the i8 with an economical home charging solution such as solar, and you've got excellent everyday driving convenience at hardly any cost.


And if you do need to drive a few more kilometres a day, with an estimated fuel economy rating of 1.75L / 100km, the i8 is amazingly economical for such a high-powered car.


4) BMW Reliability and Quality


As a BMW, the i8 delivers the famous German engineering associated with the Bavarian brand. Hybrid technology may be in its infancy, but BMW's decades at the cutting edge of technology means you can count on both reliability and quality at the mechanical level.


What's more, the interior of the i8 meets the high standards of luxury and state-of-the-art features you expect from such a longstanding high-end automaker.


5) Affordable Cost


Bought new, the BMW i8 is an extremely expensive car. But EV technology is progressing fast, and for every new advance, the prices of older electric and hybrid models can drop dramatically.


You can now find a used BMW i8 for half the price of new, or even less, making it an affordable route into supercar ownership.


Experience a Used BMW i8 in Toronto


Visit our Toronto dealership to arrange a test drive, and see for yourself how the BMW i8 is a cut above the rest of the electric crowd.


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