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7 Reasons Why a Used Audi Should Be Your Next Car

7 Reasons Why a Used Audi Should Be Your Next Car

Audi are known throughout the auto world as a top-tier luxury brand with enviable levels of performance. But it's not only new car buyers who can enjoy the benefits of this highly respected German automaker's vehicles.


If you're in the market for a used car rather than one straight out of the factory, an Audi makes an excellent choice. Here are seven reasons why.

1) Unbeatable Performance Levels




Audi are famed for their high performance levels, with figures up there with the best in the street-legal market. Whether you need a capable sedan for silky smooth everyday driving, or a high-performance coupe for tearing up the highway, you'll find an Audi to meet your needs.


2) High Reliability from Engineering Excellence




Audi's advertising material makes great play of their advanced engineering quality, and they do this for a very good reason. Unlike some other premium cars, Audi don't sacrifice reliability and engineering excellence in a rush for high performance. A used Audi will spend less time in the repair shop than alternatives with the same level of specifications.


3) Luxurious Comfort Levels



But it's not just under the hood where a used Audi will excel. As a brand, Audi is renowned for the high levels of comfort they build into every vehicle they produce. From powered ergonomic seats to high-end sports suspension, an Audi can be relied on for a luxuriously comfortable drive.


4) Latest Tech



And all that comfort is backed up by advanced technological convenience too. If you're looking for an impressive array of driver assist features, or you have your heart set on a high-end audio system, a used Audi will be available with the exact technology features you need.


5) Wide Range of Choice



From the super-high performance, track-ready R8 to the stylish A3 convertible, there's a used Audi model to suit every taste. If you need a luxury car for a comfortable daily commute, or a thrilling sports demon for weekend thrills, you'll find the perfect model in the pre-owned Audi market.


6) Surprisingly Affordable



But all this luxury and performance doesn't need to come at an astronomical cost. While Audi cars are definitely in the premium sector of the market, used models can be bought surprisingly affordably. Instead of choosing a brand new model from a lesser range, a used Audi will provide much higher quality for the same price.


7) Undeniable Wow Factor



Lastly, there's simply no denying it: driving an Audi will turn heads wherever you go. Impressing onlookers might not be the most important factor in choosing a used car, but you'll know that as an Audi owner you'll feel complete pride in your ride.


Test Drive a Used Audi in Toronto



For all these reasons and more, an Audi makes an excellent choice for your next used car. At Faraz Auto Sales we stock the best used Audi range in the Toronto area, available for test drive from our North York location. Contact us now to see exactly why choosing an Audi should be your next used car decision.

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