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A list of the Most Iconic Lamborghini Cars

A list of the Most Iconic Lamborghini Cars

If you think of luxury cars, you think about names like Ferrari and Lamborghini. Lamborghinis are incredibly exotic and innovative cars. In this article, we explore a list of the most iconic Lamborghini cars and their impact on the brand’s history.


Top 10 Iconic Lamborghinis


Many superb Lamborghinis were created over the years, but no one can deny the impact some models had over others.


Urus, 2018


This model entered the automotive world as one of the first supersport SUVs. Showing some Volkswagen influence, it is the highest-selling model, overtaking the Gallardo and selling over 20,000 units in five years.


350 GT, 1964


An iconic model is the 1964 Lamborghini 350 GT. That’s because while this might not be the prettiest model, it’s the brand's first sports car created by founder Ferruccio Lamborghini.


Miura, 1966


The Miura is lauded as the brand's most beautiful and revolutionary supercar. Every model following this one uses the same template to deliver supercars that scream the brand’s style.


Countach, 1974


The Countach made waves when it first emerged in 1974, with its aerodynamic angular wedge shape and unique design. Yet it was a trendy car in the ‘70s and reigned supreme for quite a time.


Aventador, 2011


This new-decade car got the entire world talking in 2011, with its timeless design and powerful engine. It sold over 7,000 units after initially capping at 4,000 and will enjoy 2022 as its last year.


Murcielago SV, 2009


Similar to the later Aventador, the Murcielago SV released in 2009 is unapologetically bold. It’s without some of the Audi influences you can see in the Aventador and is everything you’d expect from this brand.


Gallardo, 2003


The Gallardo is revolutionary in the brand’s history, as it’s the first model made in collaboration with Audi designers. It ensured the supercar was more reliable and brought premium quality to the brand, which was one of its fatal flaws.


Reventon, 2007


While this car is incredibly rare, as it was exclusively designed for just 25 loyal customers, it influenced all of the models that followed it. As such, the Reventon is iconic for the design influence it had on the Aventador and the Gallardo.


Diablo, 1990


The Diablo was the next step in the founder’s journey to creating the best supercar. It was incredibly angular and futuristic for its time and was the first Lamborghini to reach a top speed of 322 km/h.


L33 Tractor, 1951


The L33 tractor is where Lamborghini started. While the Trattori is now separate from the automotive brand, this tractor set everything into motion.


Driving with Exotic Style


Canada is one of the top-selling countries for Lamborghinis, with over 376 models sold in the country in 2019. The Urus has revitalized the brand and accounts for over 61% of global sales. There are many supercars in this brand that made history, as seen on a list of the most iconic Lamborghini cars.

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