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Acura Has a Performance Powerhouse in the Works with the Next-Gen Hybrid NSX

Acura Has a Performance Powerhouse in the Works with the Next-Gen Hybrid NSX

If you're on the hunt for a used
luxury car in Toronto, ON
and style, efficiency, and
comfort are at the top of your list of priorities, then you might want to take
a gander at our used Acura lineup.

After all, the brand is known for producing top of
the line models that withstand the test of time particularly well. Additionally,
you'll also find that Acura vehicles boast lofty fuel economy figures.

That being said, the automaker doesn't necessarily
get a lot of attention for their performance prowess. While it may be erroneous
to leave them out of power-centric discussion, you can't deny that global image
is important. Therefore, the Acura engineering team has gotten to work in
developing a super car to complement their range of smart, sophisticated

The next-generation Acura NSX
was initially expected to sport a naturally aspirated 3.5-litre V6. That's certainly
enough to crank out a few healthy ponies. However, we're now hearing reports
that the sportster will pack a twin turbocharged V6 under the hood.
Furthermore, it may be pushing 4.0 litres in displacement.

While that's a good size engine and all, we're not
going to dedicate an entire article to a possible 4.0-litre mill. You knew
there was more in store, right? Well, then you're correct because the NSX is
also rocking three separate electric motors to really boost the output above and
beyond what anyone predicted.

We don't have official stats yet, but some have
suggested a power rating of over 500-hp. Time will tell, but while you wait,
why not stop into Faraz Auto Sales to test drive one of our Acura vehicles?
We'll even let you open it up a bit to check out the performance and handling for

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