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All That You Should Know About Brake Fluid

All That You Should Know About Brake Fluid

Faraz Auto Sales Brake Fluid

Brake fluid is vital for helping your vehicle's braking system function properly. It lies within the brake lines and comes in two variations. It is important that you keep your vehicle's brake fluid maintained because if your vehicle doesn't have brake fluid, you won't be able to stop the car when you apply pressure to the brake pedal. To learn more about brake fluid, read further.

Brake fluid is made with a glycol-base or a silicone-base. If your vehicle has an Anti-lock Brake System, it will probably use a glycol-based brake fluid. Silicone-based brake fluids are usually manufactured for vehicles without ABS technology. Most vehicle owners have the brake fluid changed every few years. However, it is best to read your owner's handbook or speak with a service technician to see how often your vehicle's brake fluid needs to be changed.

Contact our service center at FARAZ AUTO SALES in North York next time that you need your vehicle's brake fluid changed.



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