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Best Used Sports Cars to Buy in Toronto

Best Used Sports Cars to Buy in Toronto

For many car enthusiasts, buying a high-end sports car is the ultimate dream. Unfortunately, the price of a new vehicle may mean the dream never becomes reality.

But if you want to enjoy the looks, performance and style of a sports car without the punishing cost, why not take a look at the used market? There are plenty of bargains available, and here are five of the best used sports car models to look out for.

Affordable Sports Cars to Buy

BMW M6 Sports Cars


The Bavarian car maker BMW has an impeccable pedigree in top-rated vehicles. The M6 is perhaps more of a powerful, sporty coupe than a straight-out sports car, but the combination of looks, build quality and outright performance means this is a car to take seriously.

However, it's such a sought-after model that finding a used one at a realistic price may take a long and patient search.

Mercedes SLK 55 AMG Sports Car

Mercedes SLK Class

Duelling with BMW in the German sports car stakes is Mercedes-Benz. Both companies have their devotees, but if you're a Mercedes fan the Mercedes SLK Class is one the best used models to look for.

With a factory price that's toward the value end of the market, it's easy to pick up some excellent bargains among older models. But with its combination of engine power, ride comfort and interior luxury, it's a car that lives up to its sporty exterior.

Audi Quattro TT Sports Car

Audi Quattro

The Audi Quattro is almost the definition of a classy, powerful and luxurious street-sports car. And with such a long history of successful models, there are used Quattros on the market spanning a fairly wide price range.

However, as with most classic cars, performance and ride quality may not be up to completely modern standards, and it's important to find a well cared-for car if you want to keep maintenance costs under control. Nonetheless, in terms of sheer style and status, the Quattro is hard to beat.

Porsche 944 Sports Car

Porsche 944

While the Porsche 911 is the most famous and desirable sports car from that prestigious brand, used prices for the model have gone beyond stratospheric, pricing most people out of the market.

However, you could plump for a model from the 944 range instead. You'll get all the Porsche character, style and performance, but at a much more achievable price.

And as the 944 series was one of the most successful models in Porsche's illustrious history, there's a thriving used market to pore over for a bargain.

Lexus RC350 Sports Car

Lexus RC350

If money was no object, for many people the Lexus LFA Coupe would be the sports car of choice. However, even with a used model you'll need to find around $350,000 to be in the game. But if your budget is more modest, you can still enjoy a sporty Lexus.

The RC 350 comes in at around a tenth of the price, but packs a 3.5L V6 engine producing 306hp into a luxury coupe that boasts definite sporty style. And as you'd expect from Lexus, both quality and reliability are unbeatable.

Ready to Buy a Used Sports Car?

You'll always pay a premium with high-quality sports cars for sale, but there's no need to go for broke with brand new luxury models when there are so many cheap sports cars available on the used market.

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