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BMW Announces 1 Series Expansion for 2017

BMW Announces 1 Series Expansion for 2017

BMW is known as a brand that offers everything from
middle-market sedans to incredible performance-minded supercars. For those
looking for a piece of the BMW brand to make their own without breaking the
bank, many often turn to the BMW
1 Series
of vehicles. As of right now, the 1 Series
includes coupes and convertibles. Looking down the road, it appears that BMW
will be adding a four-door option to this economy-minded line.

It seems like Faraz Auto Sales
will have a lot of great new inventory on its hands in the next
few years, as luxury automakers like Audi and Mercedes Benz, plan to add new
entry-level sedans to their lineups. BMW will follow suit with this new model
in 2017.

Not only will the new 1 Series be the brand's first
entry-level four-door, but it will also be one of the first to come with
Forward Wheel Drive. This model will be built on the company's new Unter Klasse
platform and will be able to be outfitted with three-cylinder, four-cylinder,
hybrid, and diesel drivetrains.

BMW is estimating that production of these vehicles
won't begin until 2016 which means we can likely expect to see a few enter our
inventory of used
Luxury cars
sometime in the next year.

If you would like to see the 1 Series models we
currently have in stock, or would prefer to take a tour of our full collection,
then please just visit us any time at the Faraz Auto Sales LTD. showroom located
at 96 Signet Dr. Toronto, ON.

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