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Should I buy a used Maserati?

Should I buy a used Maserati?

Buying a pre-owned Maserati is an excellent way of owning one of these classic vehicles. But before you buy, you need to carefully weigh up the many benefits against a couple of genuine disadvantages. Here's what you need to know.


The Rewards of a Used Maserati in Toronto, Ontario


There's no doubt that owning a Maserati will fulfill the ambitions of many a high-performance car enthusiast. Unfortunately, the high prices of new models put the cars out of range for a lot of would-be buyers.


The much better news is that new Maseratis lose a chunk of their value the minute they're driven away from the dealership, and so even relatively new models can be found for a surprisingly affordable price used. And if you're willing to look a few years further back, you can pick up bargains like a 2005 Maserati Quattroporte for as little as $27,000.


But whatever price you pay, you'll get a huge amount of performance car for your money. Based around engines shared with auto legends Ferrari, a typical Maserati can produce a mammoth 400 horsepower and 350lb-ft of torque, helping it clear 0-100kmh in five seconds or less.


But it's not only the performance under the hood which makes a used Maserati such an attractive choice. Whichever model you find on sale at our Toronto location, you can be sure it'll have the hallmark Maserati design which is guaranteed to turn heads everywhere you drive. The sense of exclusivity and top-tier design also carries through to the interior, with luxury elements a standard throughout the entire Maserati range.


The Risks of Buying a Used Maserati


However, there are some real downsides which you should consider before buying a used Maserati. First, the high performance and thrilling drive quality comes at the cost of some fairly horrendous fuel consumption figures. Depending on the model, expect to see numbers like 21L / 100km in the city and 16.8L / 100km on the highway. You may find lower-powered Maserati's with less thirsty demands, but you'll not find any model that's anywhere close to economical.


What's more, maintenance and repairs will usually need a significant budget. Maserati cars aren't ones that a typical repair shop will have much experience in handling, so labour will come at a premium. Also, most Maserati repairs will need specialist parts, and they don't come cheap.


All in all, the dealership price of a pre-owned Maserati is only the starting point for the costs of ownership, and the expense can mount up alarmingly quickly.


Buying a Used Maserati in Ontario: The Verdict


Buying a pre-owned Maserati in Ontario is perhaps not a sensible choice for a vehicle you expect to use heavily. The relatively high cost of maintenance and repairs along with the thirsty fuel consumption mean that your wallet will see a lot of action, even if you find a bargain pre-owned model.


However, for the sheer fun and excitement of driving a high-end car, a Maserati is hard to beat. If you accept that it's better used as a playtime or weekend car rather than an everyday workhorse, buying a pre-owned Maserati from our Toronto dealership will be a purchase that'll repay you well.

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