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Can Math Solve Traffic Congestion?

Can Math Solve Traffic Congestion?

Mathematicians have actually made detailed models of traffic behavior, and found that just one car slowing down can set off a ripple effect, slowing all of the traffic behind it, and causing congestion.

In fact, the motion of traffic congestion is so predictable, it appears almost as a "soliton" wave.

Trying to figure out traffic patterns, researchers put drivers on a closed track, and asked them to drive at a consistent low speed. Even given these instructions, the drivers soon clumped together, and started causing traffic jams.

So, mathematicians and researchers? Any advice for us drivers on how to reduce traffic stops?

No. Not really.

As best as they can tell, there is an innate human nature to the way we drive. Darn. However, there is some advice. Be considerate to other drivers. Consider following someone, rather than passing, even if they're going a little bit slower than you'd prefer. Drive in the right hand lane, unless you're passing.

In fact, driving in the right hand lane is an enforced law in Germany, where many of our finest cars are engineered.

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