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Checklist When Buying Exotic Cars

Checklist When Buying Exotic Cars

There's always an element of risk when buying a used car. Even models which look perfect on the surface may have a poor servicing history, and without the backup of a manufacturer's warranty, you might be in for higher repair bills than you expected.


Buying carefully will take a lot of the risk away, and this is especially important for exotic cars considering the price tags and potential repair bills involved. Follow this five-step checklist when you're thinking of buying an exotic car, and you'll stand a great chance of avoiding problems down the road.


1) Always Look for Cleanliness


A dirty car doesn't necessarily spell trouble, and quick wash, wax, and polish can leave it sparkling in no time. But a car that isn't clean is potentially a sign that the owner doesn't care much for the vehicle, and may have neglected it in other more serious ways. Even worse, a layer of grime could be covering up corrosion, paintwork problems, or other issues which you'd rather know about before handing over your money.


2) Ownership History


How many previous owners has the car been through? In general terms, it's better to look for as few owners as possible. A car that's changed hands several times may have repeating problems that you'll want to avoid, while a single owner over many years is more likely to have taken pride in the car's maintenance and upkeep.


Importantly, if you can't access any ownership history at all, then buying is a huge risk. You'll have no idea how well the car has been looked after, nor what potential problems could be lurking unseen.


3) Kilometres Count



An exotic car will usually have racked up fewer kilometres than a commuter SUV, but it's still important to go for a low mileage when possible. Most exotic cars are more difficult and expensive to repair, and a car nearing the end of its driving lifetime could wind up being a huge drain on your bank account.


4) Usage History



However, an exotic car with an extremely low kilometre count may have been sitting unused in a garage for years. Cars which aren't driven regularly can start to develop all sorts of mechanical problems, especially in the suspension, hoses, and other flexible parts which may have started to seize up. If the mileage is suspiciously low or high, then schedule a thorough mechanical inspection before going any further.


5) Check the Undercarriage



Lastly, always check the underside of any car as part of your pre-purchase inspection. Sellers can easily cover up many problems on the bodywork, under the hood, or inside the cabin, but the undercarriage is often overlooked. Check for signs of rust, damage, or leaky spots, and if you see anything at all to make you suspicious, proceed with extreme caution.


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