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Enzo Ferrari's and Ferruccio Lamborghini: the most exciting rivalry of our time

Enzo Ferrari's and Ferruccio Lamborghini: the most exciting rivalry of our time

Enzo Ferrari's and Ferruccio Lamborghini may just be the most exciting rivalry of our time. With these two supercars competing for the top spot in sports cars, it may be difficult to choose which one you want.

When it comes time to pick out your next car, it's definitely worth considering one of these phenomenal cars. Getting a luxury vehicle will be a fantastic investment and a hot ride that is sure to last. The only question is, what kind should you get? No doubt, selecting a car like this is a once in a lifetime deal, so you want to be sure to get the one that is best for you. Just how do you go about making the best choice? Here are steps you can take to make sure you're making the best choice for your needs.

Know Your Brands


Before you dive into it too deep, it pays to research both the Ferrari and. Lamborghini to see if one of them will be more suitable to your needs.

ferrari interior

The Ferrari offers several options in the sports car version such as the:

    • Ferrari F8 Tributo: 3.9L twin turbo V8 engine that gets 710 hp
    • Ferrari 812 Superfast: 6.5L V12 that brings 789 hp
    • Ferrari 488 Pista Spider: 3.9L twin turbo V8 that delivers 710 hp
    • Ferrari 812 GTS: 3.9L turbo V8 plus electric motor that delivers a whooping 989 hp


These are a few from the 2020 Ferrari lineup. But you can expect to get incredible power, speed, and style with any one of these cars.

The Lamborghini, on the other hand, offers several options as well, including an SUV, the Urus. Some of the other Lamborghini models include:nbsp;

  • Lamborghini Aventador: 6.5L V12 that delivers 729 hp
  • Lamborghini Huracan: 5.2L V10 that brings 630 hp
  • Lamborghini Gallardo: 5.0L V10 that gets up to 562 hp
  • Lamborghini Murcielago: 6.5L V12 that gets up to 661 hp

When determining which vehicle to invest in, you could keep in mind that the limited edition models will have more value since less of them were made. You may not see as much depreciation, if any, with some of these cars.

It's helpful to also research how much repairs and maintenance will cost. Luxury cars will cost more for parts.

Learn About The History

Another vital consideration is the vehicles history. What has the car been through before you got it? It's helpful to know whether the car had thorough maintenance in the past and whether there were any accidents or repairs. You may want to know if it was a one-owner car. Learning about the history will help you know if the car was maintained.

Work With A Reputable Dealership To Get A Good Deal

Once you've narrowed down which vehicle you want to buy, it's best to find a reputable dealership who you can trust. Find the best deal on a Ferrari in Toronto by working with a used luxury dealer that is established and has a reputation for excellence. A reputable dealership will offer fair warranties for the vehicle you're looking at. Whether you decide to get a Ferrari or a Lamborghini in Toronto, you'll have confidence that you got the best deal.

Find your deal by connecting with Faraz Auto Sales today!


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