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How Does a Tire Pressure Monitoring System Work?

How Does a Tire Pressure Monitoring System Work?

inflating tire

Tire pressure monitoring systems measure the pressure inside each tire as the car is running. The low tire pressure warning light will always come on and turn off during the startup process. You do not need to worry about the low tire pressure warning light during this process; the system is merely running through the files to check that all systems are working.

When the tire pressure warning light illuminates, it means the sensor is communicating that one of your tires has low air pressure. There are different methods used by manufacturers to measure tire pressure. Some us the anti-lock brake sensors to analyze the speed each tire is rotating—a tire with low air-pressure will rotate faster. Others have sensors inside the tire to measure the pressure.

If your tire pressure monitoring system indicator flickers, bring your vehicle to FARAZ AUTO SALES in Toronto for a checkup of each tire.

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