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How to Be Prepared for a Potential Roadside Emergency

How to Be Prepared for a Potential Roadside Emergency

While it may be impossible to prepare for all things that could go wrong with your vehicle, making certain you act a certain way when the car is disabled can go a long way in getting you home safely.

If you have safety triangles or a few road flares, walk up the road a few hundred feet and place them so drivers have time to react before speeding by your disabled car.

Call the police and stay in your vehicle until you see the flashing lights of the police car. If strangers offer help, stay in the locked car and talk through a small opening in the window. Inform them that help is on the way.

When the car is stuck with a flat tire, don't stay on the road, drive on the rim a few feet so you get the car off the highway.

These roadside safety tips from FARAZ AUTO SALES are meant to help you get through that roadside emergency.


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