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How to detail and clean your Bentley Bentayga

How to detail and clean your Bentley Bentayga

The Bentayga is in a class of its own when it comes to luxury and performance. It’s also the most expensive SUV on sale today. Being an SUV with notable off-road capabilities, you’re probably taking it on those weekend excursions and off-roading adventures.  


If you’re privileged enough to own one, you’d want to ensure that your SUV is well looked after. Sometimes, you’ll need to give your SUV a bit of tender loving care (TLC). We’re going to share with you how to clean & detail your Bentley Bentayga at home. You can make sure your SUV stays as gorgeous as it was when you first drove it off the showroom floor. 


Step One: Wheels and Metallic Surfaces



Spray the SUV off with a power hose to remove grass and sand particles. Make sure you spray off all the particles between the wheels’ spokes. Then spray off all the metallic surfaces with a korrosol. The korrosol will highlight and dissolve any iron particles on the metallic wheels and other surfaces. 


Wait for the korrosol to get to work. After about one minute, you can safely rinse the SUV off. It’s important to make use of a korrosol. If these iron particles are left untouched, they’ll corrode the metallic surfaces. Apply soap with a microfibre foam pad or a soft cleaning brush to wash the wheels and metallic surfaces. Make sure you get into all the wheels' spokes, giving it a thorough clean. Lastly, use a harder brush and clean the rubber of the wheels with an all-purpose cleaner.


Step Two: Exterior



Use a combination of degreasing agents and citrus solvents with a power hose to spray off the wheels and exterior of the SUV. Ensure to give the SUV’s lower sections, grille, and the inside of the fuel tank door a thorough rinse too.


Apply a limescale remover to a soft brush and clean in between all the gaps of the grille. Combine the power hose with auto foam and spray the entire exterior of the SUV. Clean all the crevices inside the fuel tank door, the exhaust, the mirrors, the lights, and the windows. Spray off the auto foam. Now you can wash the SUV soap with a soft microfibre pad. Rinse off again and use a towel to dry off your Bentley.


Step Three: Interior



Remove mats and vacuum the floor thoroughly. Depending on how dirty the carpets are, you can use a damp microfibre cloth to wipe down the dirty marks on the floor. A damp microfibre cloth should be used to wipe down the entire inside surfaces of the SUV. Make sure you clean the windows and remove any marks. 


Once that’s done, you can apply polish to the inside surfaces of the cabin. If the mats are very dirty, you can use carpet shampoo to clean the mats with a medium abrasive brush. Hang them out to dry before you place them back into the SUV. After you clean & detail your Bentley Bentayga, it’ll look showroom ready again!


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