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How to Maintain Your Luxury Car: Tips and Tricks for Optimal Performance

How to Maintain Your Luxury Car: Tips and Tricks for Optimal Performance

Everyone loves luxury cars. However, only a few know how to care for luxury cars correctly. Luxury vehicles need a lot of TLC to ensure they perform at optimal levels and don’t give any problems. This is important because repairs can prove costly, and parts are often hard to come by. If you’re a proud vehicle owner, read how to maintain your luxury car.


Regular Maintenance Tasks

One of the critical factors in keeping your luxury vehicle running smoothly is timely maintenance. There are various things to keep in mind when maintaining your car. Here is the schedule you should follow.


Monthly Maintenance

Monthly maintenance is something you should get done to ensure your car is running smoothly and doesn’t have any issues later on. Your monthly checklist should include a detailed tire inspection, checking your oil and coolant levels, testing the lights, checking the washer fluid levels, and assessing the windshield.


Quarterly Maintenance

Apart from the monthly maintenance, you should also get quarterly maintenance. This will prepare your vehicle for weather changes and road trips and prevent unwanted damage. The quarterly checklist should include oil and oil filter change, car battery inspection, and belts and hoses inspection.


Yearly Maintenance

Once a year, your car should undergo thorough maintenance apart from your monthly and quarterly maintenance. This will help it perform well, last longer, and stay safe. Your yearly checklist should include air filter replacement, spark plug inspection, tire rotation, wheel bearings and brakes assessment. It should also include lubrication of hinges and doors, brake fluid inspection, and suspension and steering inspection.


Detailing and Cleaning

Apart from ensuring your car functions well, it’s also essential to look good, and that’s where auto detailing comes into the picture. Detailing involves maintaining and looking after your vehicle. It must be done correctly so none of your car parts are damaged.


Interior Cleaning

The car interior cleaning includes complete cleaning of the dashboard, leather or vinyl upholstery, and seat covers. It also includes cleaning AC vents, floor and roof, carpets and mats, and checking brakes. Professionals will also check the clutch, accelerator and pedal, steering wheel buttons, trunk cleaning, door and door panelling, windshield and windows. It also involves removing foul odours, sanitizing the interiors, and leaving it looking as good as new.


Exterior Cleaning

The car exterior cleaning includes various things. For example, tire and rim cleaning, paint sealing, paint care, heading & tube light cleaning, and chassis cleaning. In addition, you get engine bay cleaning, mirror cleaning, number plate cleaning, wipers cleaning, windshield and windows cleaning.


Other Cleaning

You also get tank cleaning, mirror and headlight cleaning, windscreen polishing, engine cleaning, and brake cleaning. Getting your car detailing done with the right professionals is essential because using the right products is vital in maintaining your luxury vehicle and preventing damage.


Engine and Performance

As mentioned above, it’s essential to check your fluid levels regularly because this is a significant factor that keeps your engine running smoothly. Regular engine inspection also helps identify any minor issues with the car, which can be fixed from the get-go. Topping off your coolant level shouldn’t be missed because it prevents the engine from overheating.


Luxury vehicles don’t use regular engine oil and fuel. Instead, they have a particular variety, so make sure you’re using the one recommended by the car manufacturer.


Tires and Wheels

Your tires are a crucial element of your luxury vehicle, and healthy tire maintenance is vital for your car to run smoothly. Apart from the annual rotation of your tires, it’s also essential to constantly check the tire pressure. You should also check for wear and tear on the tread and for any imbalance in the suspension or your wheels.


With luxury vehicles, investing in high-performance tires and good-quality wheels is always recommended. These last a lot longer when maintained well.



When maintaining your luxury car, make sure you keep these tips in mind. Sticking to a schedule and getting the proper care for your vehicle is essential. For top detailing and service for your luxury vehicle, contact Faraz Auto Sales.

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