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Mercedes S-Class Vs Maybach

Mercedes S-Class Vs Maybach

If you're looking for a rare combination of power and comfort in a street-ready sedan, there's little to beat the Mercedes S-Class . However, those looking for that little bit extra can swap the standard S-Class to the Maybach branded version from the same carmaker group, upping both luxury and performance to impressive levels.


But the extra class comes at a cost. If you're considering the Maybach, is it worth the extra money? Here are the key differences between the two models to help you decide.


Luxurious Interiors


From the exterior, the two models look more or less identical, albeit with a few minor differences in badges and branding. But get inside the cars and the differences become apparent. The standard S-Class is a highly comfortable car, but the Maybach takes luxury to the next level.


High-end features include individual rear seats rather than a bench, multiple personal media screens for entertainment, folding tables, refrigeration units, and even branded silver-plated champagne flutes to complete the picture of luxury. All in all, the Maybach is competing with high-end ranges from Bentley, Rolls-Royce, and others, rather than Mercedes' typical rivals of BMW and Audi.


Longer Wheelbase



But while the two cars look very similar from outside, the wheelbase on the Maybach has been extended to provide an extra 20cm in the passenger cabin. This might not seem a huge amount, but it really makes a difference to the legroom in the rear, along with giving space to recline the rear seats for a relaxing longer journey.


For business folk who want to work a little in the rear, and then take a refreshing power nap before the next meeting, the Maybach is an ideal choice.


Under the Hood


The typical Mercedes S-Class will pack a 3.0L V6 under the hood, giving plenty of real-world performance. However, the Maybach steps up a gear or two with engines including a mighty 6L V8, taking the car closer to racetrack territory.


However, both vehicles have a reliable, silky-smooth driving quality that offers no handling surprises, thanks to advanced suspension and responsive transmission. Unless you really need the extra grunt of the Maybach, the S-Class is perfectly capable of providing a luxurious, confident ride.


Mercedes S-Class vs Maybach: The Verdict


The standard S-Class is a seriously high-end car with more than enough power and comfort to suit anyone. If you're looking for a great car to drive that also provides excellent comfort at a relatively affordable price, the S-Class is the model to choose.


However, the Maybach's extra power under the hood and superior facilities in the cabin take the car to another tier entirely. If you're looking for race track performance, the Maybach can deliver. And if you want to luxuriate in the rear while someone else handles the driving, you'll find it hard to beat the Maybach.


Still undecided? Visit Faraz Auto Sales to view the largest luxury car inventory in the Toronto area, and test out both the S-Class and the Maybach. Whichever you wind up choosing, you won't be disappointed.

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