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Mercedes-Benz hosts an auction for the ages

Mercedes-Benz hosts an auction for the ages

Ask any of the old timers here at FARAZ AUTO SALES and they'll tell you that our lineup has come an awfully long way over the years. Seeing as how they're more fuel-efficient, performance-driven and safer than ever, it's safe to say that time has been awfully kind to these beauties. Then again, they were nothing to sneeze at back in the day, either.

Just recently, the renowned British auction house Bonhams made their way to the Mercedes-Benz Museum. From there, they went about auctioning off some 47 privately-owned classic Mercedes-Benz vehicles to some very fortunate new owners. If you weren't able to make it to the big event, then you'll want to give a watch to the video below.

Or if the sight of all these vintage roadsters has you itching to get behind the wheel, feel free to do just that with a test drive in one of the used Mercedes-Benz models at our dealership here in Toronto, ON. You won't be disappointed.

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