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Most Reliable Used Luxury Cars Under $40,000

Most Reliable Used Luxury Cars Under $40,000

High-end luxury cars are built to exacting standards in every part of the vehicle, from under the hood to inside the cabin. The underlying engineering is always top quality, which means the cars last longer than the average mass-market models churned out from a factory.


But even so, some luxury models stand out for having a great combination of reliability and affordability. Here are five high-ends cars picked from our Toronto inventory which are highly reliable but cost less than $40,000.


Audi A8




If you're looking for a full-size, four-door sedan with a high level of luxury and performance, the Audi A8 is hard to beat. The third generation, produced from 2010 to 2015, offers particularly good value and reliability, as the technology used is still modern without being cutting edge and unproven.


Look for an engine of least 3.0L turbo V6 standard, marry it to automatic transmission and all-wheel drive, and you've got a car which drives as smoothly as it does powerfully.






The BMW X1 is a luxury subcompact SUV which regularly tops its class for both reliability and performance. The first generation was released in 2009, and although they're still great cars, they're starting to look a little dated.


Instead, look for the second generation X1 which was built from 2015 onward. The best models of this vintage come with great features including a meaty 2.0L turbo engine, standard all-wheel drive, a heads-up display, and premium Harmon-Kardon sound system.


Porsche Cayenne




The Porsche Cayenne is an older luxury car that's stood the test of time. Models found now in good condition have a proven reliability record, and offer a great way of accessing Porsche luxury at a relatively affordable price.


The mid-size SUV format might not have the full cachet of a Porsche coupe, but you get a lot of excellent engineering for a fraction of the cost.


Mercedes--Benz C300




The C300 from Mercedes-Benz offers sports performance in a stylish sedan or coupe format. Higher end models pack a lot of luxury into the relatively compact frame, with the flagship C300s featuring technology that seems way ahead of their release year.


And of course, with Mercedes-Benz you can always rely on engineering excellence throughout the vehicle.


Land Rover Discovery




Land Rover has a deserved reputation for rugged reliability, but not everyone appreciates just how luxurious the higher-end models can be. The Discovery, for example, offers a powerful 3.0L supercharged V6 engine, an interior kitted out in leather, and almost every technological driving aid you could ask for.


Are Used Luxury Cars Inexpensive to Own?


It needs to be said that owning a used luxury car will always be more expensive than a mass-produced model. Older cars still need maintenance, however well-made they are, and by their nature luxury car spare parts are harder to find and can cost more.


However, buy a certified pre-owned vehicle with a full inspection report and you'll know you're getting a vehicle you can rely on. Choose the certified option and all five of these reliable used luxury cars will repay your investment with years of top-tier driving ahead.

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