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Motor Authority Urges Drivers to 'Give a Shift'

Motor Authority Urges Drivers to 'Give a Shift'

When it comes to choice of transmission, many of us
find the one we like and stick with it; ask nearly any driver and they'll most
likely give you a definitive "manual" or "automatic" for an
answer. But in recent times, the love for manuals is dying down. Why is this?
Driving an automatic is extremely convenient but a manual forces you to pay
attention to how you're driving, keeping your attention on the task at hand, as
well as helping you form a strong bond with you vehicle.

The folks at Motor Authority have a new
somewhat-humorous but still informative campaign going on right now called #GiveAShift
and it's all about learning how to love the manual transmission again. Take a

Of course, it truly comes down to personal choice.
With many models - of both transmission types - available in our lineup of
used Audi,
and Mercedes-Benz
models here at FARAZ AUTO SALES, we'd love to see you come and visit! Our
Toronto, ON staff members are ready to help you find the
perfect vehicle, no matter if you're a manual or automatic lover.

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