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Porsche vs Ferrari Which is Better for you

Porsche vs Ferrari Which is Better for you

When deciding to purchase an elegant luxury sports car, a Ferrari and Porsche probably come to mind. These cars have long been sought after because of their exceptional quality, exquisite design, and powerful engines. The only thing that may be difficult when it comes to either of these cars is deciding which one to select. While everyone has their own taste and some people may just look at a vehicle and know right away which one they prefer, it does help to know the details. Let's take a closer look at the Ferrari and Porsche to determine which one would be a better fit for you.

Ferrari in Toronto

The Ferrari is an Italian luxury sports car that is the envy of many. Its iconic status as an amazing ride has been recognized for decades. People who are looking for a race car won't be disappointed because the Ferrari has long been known for its racing capabilities. In fact, the original Ferrari mission was to produce just race cars.


Also, the Ferrari manufacturer is the only one who has a dedicated track just for race testing. One of the things that Ferrari is well known for is their racing technology that they put in regular cars. This puts them a cut above your standard car.


Another notable feature of the Ferrari is its V12 engine for which its famous. This powerful engine delivers a punch that is difficult to surpass, and one makes the Ferrari stand out from the crowd.


Finally, the Ferrari brand has dominated the field in exclusivity by selling only a limited number of vehicles, thereby driving demand, and boosting excitement.


Porsche in Toronto


2010 Porsche 911 CABRIOLET

Known for its elegant design and stunning power, the Porsche is a German-made, high-performing car. Porsche has a long reputation as having a strong driving performance. You could say it's more of an "everyday car" but with the incredible power, elegance, and brand wrapped into it.


The rear-engine in the Porsche gives experienced drivers an incredible driving experience. However, for the novice, it can be quite difficult to manage! The Porsche is also unique in that has remained the same throughout the years. From 1963 to 1998, the Porsche shape, style, and rear-engine set-up is the same. This gives the brand a selling point that others don't have. The Porsche brand is about refinement and reliability; it's a car that has remained steadfast in its excellence down through the years. Its reliability also means that repairs are not as expensive.


In the final assessment of the Ferrari, you could say it is flashier than the Porsche. The Ferrari may turn more heads and get more attention, but the Porsche will be your "go-to" car for every day. With a Ferrari, you are purchasing a "racing name." It's meant more for what it IS versus how it can actually perform on an everyday basis. That's not to say the Ferrari doesn't have excellent power and gusto, but for the long-haul, the Porsche is the way to go. However, if you're looking for a car to get out of the garage once in a while to really catch the attention, then the Ferrari might just be the answer!


Stop by Faraz Auto Sales and take a look at our selection of luxury cars, then decide for yourself.




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