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Pre-Owned BMW vs Pre-Owned Mercedes

Pre-Owned BMW vs Pre-Owned Mercedes

The pre-owned market is an excellent way to shop for a high-end car. By their nature, luxury cars are built to exceptionally rigorous standards, and boast extremely reliable engineering that lasts a lifetime.


There's much less risk in buying an older pre-owned model than a cheaper car fresh from the factory. And of course, buying used means you can get a far better class of car for your money.


Two of the most popular luxury brands to buy pre-owned in the Toronto area are BMW and Mercedes. Which one would be right for you? Looking at a few of the best models from each will help you make that choice.


Three Top Pre-Owned BMW Cars






The BMW M5 is a high-performance, luxury version of the company's award-winning 5-Series of sedans, and it's a range that enjoys iconic status among luxury devotees. Matching sports performance with great looks and exceptional comfort, the M5 been in constant production since 1985 and enjoys a healthy pre-owned market at all price levels.






If you're looking for a luxury SUV rather than a sedan, the X5 should fit the bill. However, although it features SUV stylings and engineering, it's more directly aimed at on-road performance and luxury rather than rugged off-road adventuring. The third generation, launched in 2013, is widely available pre-owned, although the recent fourth generation is now finding its way into used dealerships.






Lastly for BMW, the M4 is the sports-orientated version of the 4-Series coupe range, and it adds significantly more luxury to the model as well as boosting performance. The M4 Convertible option is especially prized as a used BMW choice, offering unmatched levels of sporty style married to top-line performance.


Three Popular Pre-Owned Mercedes Cars


Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG-S




Available in both coupe and convertible formats, this Mercedes-Benz makes an enticing buy on the pre-owned luxury market. The huge 4.0L twin-turbo V8 engine places the model firmly in the high-performance class, while the sleekly head-turning design makes this a car you'll love to be seen driving.


Mercedes-Benz GLS 450




The Mercedes GLS range is made up of full-size luxury SUVs seating up to seven in luxurious comfort. The GLS 450's 3.0L V6 twin turbo engine provides power to spare, while the interior is packed with technology and comfort features selected from the best the Mercedes brand can offer.


Mercedes-Benz S400


Lastly, the S400 is a full-size sedan offering among the highest levels of luxury in the entire Mercedes range. The engineering is built around a 3.0L V6 Bi-turbo engine, with the all-wheel drive and four-corner auto-levelling suspension offering smoothly assured handling at all speeds. The list of interior features is huge: if you're looking for a specific comfort, the S400 is likely to feature it.


Test Drive Pre-Owned BMW and Mercedes Cars in Toronto


To experience any of these luxury pre-owned Mercedes and BMW models, get in touch to arrange a test drive from our Toronto showroom. All these models and more are stocked in our extensive inventory, offering the largest range of used luxury cars in Canada.

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