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Reasons to buy a used BMW X5 in Toronto

Reasons to buy a used BMW X5 in Toronto

The BMW X5 has a long history of success in the mid-size luxury SUV market, and has been continuously enhanced and refreshed since its launch in 1999. And while the current model is a highly attractive car, there's no doubt that it comes at a hefty premium.


But if you want the luxury and performance of an X5 without the high-end price, all's not lost. The X5 is particularly attractive as a used model, offering many of the benefits of new at a much more affordable price. Here are five reasons a used BMW X5 from our Toronto dealership makes such a worthwhile buy.


1) Excellent Driving Qualities



A typical used BMW X5 boasts a powerful 2.0L turbo-four engine, offering an ideal blend of performance and real-world driving appeal. The power is passed to the all-wheel drive through an eight-speed automatic transmission which has won widespread praise for its smoothness and responsiveness.


This typical configuration feels far more athletic than the raw numbers suggest, but if you're looking for a real performance boost, there are meatier engines available including a V8 which can deliver up to 450 horsepower.


But whichever powertrain you opt for, you can rely on the traditionally excellent driving experience of the BMW brand.


2) Great Design

SUVs aren't typically known for their head-turning looks, but the X5 breaks that particular mould in style. The sleek design leaves no doubt that this is a luxury performance SUV rather than a workaday family vehicle, while the interior is plush, spacious, and very well laid out.


If you're looking for a SUV that stands out from the crowd, a used BMW X5 is the model to go for.


3) Impressive Standard Features


While BMW may be a luxury brand, they've developed something of a reputation for under-equipping the base models in their ranges, charging extra for each little addition. However, buy a used X5 and you can expect high-end luxury features for much less.


A typical pre-owned model will include features like heated leather seats, xenon headlights, LED fog lights, and many other upscale touches that make the car a pleasure to drive.


4) BMW iDrive System


Used cars can sometimes suffer from a lack of infotainment features, but there are no such worries with a pre-owned BMW X5. All models over the last few years have been supplied with the BMW iDrive system, which is widely regarded as the best there is. The high-resolution display is clear, crisp, and intuitively laid out, while the feature set it offers is second to none.


5) Everyday Practicality


Lastly, the X5 may be a luxury SUV, but that doesn't mean it's out of touch with the demands of modern life. Unlike most of its competitors it can seat up to seven, although in reality the optional third row is only suitable for seating two children.


But nonetheless, the generous amounts of cabin space and cargo storage mean it's a car that's as practical as it is exciting.


Test Drive a Used BMW X5 in Toronto


Contact us now to arrange a test drive of a used BMW X5 from our Toronto location, and see for yourself this famous model's excellent blend of luxury, performance, and feature-rich practicality.


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