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Should I Buy a New or Used Ferrari?

Should I Buy a New or Used Ferrari?

Since the first Ferrari hit the market, this exclusive and exquisite brand has been at the top of every car enthusiast's wish list. Every Ferrari model is a pure work of art. Not only are these vehicles fast and powerful, but they also come with a wide range of high-end features. If you are looking to purchase a Ferrari for yourself, you are probably wondering if you should buy a new or a used model. While both have their advantages, here is a look at what it is like to purchase a new Ferrari.



Purchasing a New Ferrari



Buying a new Ferrari is not as easy as buying a non-exotic car. For example, you can not simply walk into a Ferrari dealership, pick out a car, and walk out with the keys to a new car. Instead, the process of buying a Ferrari is much more drawn-out and difficult. Some new Ferrari owners have reported having to wait more than a year before they could finally drive their new car.


First, Ferrari does not let just anyone purchase a new model. Every Ferrari model is a unique work of art. Because of this, the people at Ferrari go to great lengths to ensure that only drivers that are able to truly appreciate this vehicle will be able to own one. This means that like to do in-depth background checks on everyone who is interested in purchasing a new model.


Most dealerships will run a credit check on all potential buyers to make sure that they can afford the car. However, not only does Ferrari want to make sure that you can afford it, but they also want to know that you have an appreciation for the brand. Ferrari has been known to refuse to sell to many well-known celebrities. So, just having enough money won't get you one of these exclusive vehicles. Instead, most Ferrari owners have already owned a few different used Ferrari models before they have been approved to purchase a new one.



Purchasing a Used Ferrari



Buying a used Ferrari is a lot like purchasing an ordinary car from any automotive dealership. If you pick a trusted dealership that specializes in selling high-performance exotic cars, then you are sure to get a high-quality vehicle.


Ferrari has a specific set of rules that all new car owners must follow. Some of these rules include not upgrading or tweaking the engine, not putting non-OEM parts on the car, and not having anyone except for a qualified Ferrari mechanic perform service maintenance on the vehicle. Because of these rules, when you purchase a used Ferrari, you are getting a car that has all of the same qualities that a new model has, but you do not have to get put on a waiting list to get it.



Should You Buy a New or Used Ferrari



Whether you are purchasing a new or used Ferrari in Toronto, owning one of these exclusive vehicles is a dream come true for many drivers. However, to be a part of this exclusive club, you may have a better chance of purchasing a new model if you own a used model now.

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