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Should your Next Used Car be a Diesel?

Should your Next Used Car be a Diesel?

With some of our favorite brands like BMW and Audi
beginning to release more diesel-powered vehicles into the North American auto
market, there will definitely be more of these models making their way into our
large inventory of used
vehicles here in Toronto.
Volkswagen, Audi, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz all offer new diesel options but is
buying a diesel vehicle worth the extra cash up front? How does a diesel engine
work anyways? We are here today to answer some of these questions.

Like with any choice, there are benefits and
drawbacks to diesel ownership. While diesel fuel tends to be slightly more
expensive, diesel engines are almost always more-efficient than their
petrol-powered counterparts. Diesel engines also rely on higher compression
than gas engines which means they are usually built with heavier and sturdier
materials, this often results in longer engine life. You can even find 30
year-old Volvo diesel models still cruising the streets in Toronto.

Check out this brief video that demonstrates
exactly how a diesel engine works.

We invite you to come explore our entire used car
inventory here at Faraz Auto Sales LTD. whenever you like.
We have a fantastic selection of premium models from all over the world. We
hope to be seeing you soon.

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