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Sports Cars for Sale in Toronto

Sports Cars for Sale in Toronto

Sports  Cars

Sports cars come in several
types. There are luxury sports cars meant for cruising and feeling good, there
are fast sports cars meant for superb handling and speed, and there are
supercars aimed towards having it all. At Faraz Auto Sales, we see all three
types regularly.The ever-popular BMW 435i, for example, is a well-loved M-Sport model that combines both
luxury driving and solid drive capability. This coupe is a sport touring
vehicle, meaning it leans towards luxury over track readiness, but it is
definitely a great sports cars in Toronto.


For those looking for a
little more speed in their diet, the Audi R8 is another coupe that keeps most of the luxury, but emphasizes
sport even more. This car combines the power of an eight-cylinder engine with
the know-how of Audi's road-going excellence.
Since the Germans seem to
be the way to go with sports cars so far, we'll also mention the ever-wonderful
Mercedes-Benz C63. Similar to the R8 mentioned, the C63 offers a huge engine in a
small package. This combines with Mercedes' bent towards serious luxury within
the sports cars for sale.
These are all examples of
luxurious sports cars with varying degrees of speed and sport emphasis. When
talking about supercars, though, it's tough to look further than the McLaren 570S. If you aren't sure what this is, you probably aren't in the
market for a supercar. This is mid-engined, carbon fibre chassis, track car
that is legal on the street.
All of the examples so far
are coupes. What would be a sports car be without a convertible option?
"Not as good," some might answer. The first car on our list, the BMW,
has a mate in the convertible realm. The BMW 4 Series includes the 428i. It has a similar mix of sportiness and
Another option might be the
beautiful and bespoke Maserati GranTurismo as one of our available sport cars in Toronto. It's
difficult to find a more exclusive and beautiful convertible than this
Whatever you're looking
for, for sport cars in Toronto, Faraz Auto Sales has you covered. If we don't
have the sport cars for sale that you're looking for, we can find it.

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