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Summer or All-Season Tires - Which are Better?

Summer or All-Season Tires - Which are Better?

Knowing which tires are best for your vehicle is important not only to your pocketbook but also for how your vehicle handles on the road. Our professionals at FARAZ AUTO SALES can assess your vehicle and driving habits and give you their thoughts on which type of tire you need to purchase.

When deciding whether summer or all-season tires are best, it’s important to realize that they both offer different things. If you live an area that sees a lot of snow and cold temperatures, you’ll probably do best with winter or all-season tires. If you drive in warm climates with heat and rain, all-season tires will provide you with the best all-around performance.

When it’s time to purchase new tires, we want you to make an informed decision and get what you need. Visit us in FARAZ AUTO SALES and we’ll give you a helping hand.



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