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Summer Travels on Beautiful Canadian Roads

Summer Travels on Beautiful Canadian Roads

If you ask us here at FARAZ AUTO SALES, there are
few summer activities better than taking a nice long road trip with friends and
family. So when you get ready for the warm summer weather, it's time to begin
those travel plans! But where do you go? We don't want to tell you a final
location but we’d love to enhance your journey with some suggestions of amazing
roads worth a cruise.

For those looking to take a look into the past, the
Viking Trail in Newfoundland is as long as it is
fascinating. Get a glimpse at Viking, Basque, and native history on this 443 km

The Sea to Sky Highway in
British Columbia will have you blue in the best ways; with gorgeous views of
lakes and mountains, fjords and inlets, you'll never want this 150km drive to

Last but not least, the Pacific Rim
on Vancouver Island, BC will bring you away from the hustle
and bustle of city life, leading through forests and mountains to the quaint
town of Tofino. It's 150km of travel bliss.

But before all that, we welcome you down to our
Toronto, ON location to find the next reliable, affordable
of your dreams. No matter what your unique wants and
needs call for, we'll find you that special something today.

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