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The Benefits of a Used BMW X5 at Faraz Auto Sales

The Benefits of a Used BMW X5 at Faraz Auto Sales


A common misconception about buying a used car is
that you sacrifice luxury, but here at Faraz Auto Sales,
that couldn't be farther from the truth. The BMW X5 is a
luxury SUV with lots of extras, and we're proud to say we have many
X5 models
here at our luxury used dealership in
Toronto, ON.

Why buy a used luxury vehicle? According
to Consumer Reports
, when you buy used, you're avoiding the
average 27% loss of value a new car experiences in its first year and
spending less money out of your pocket for a vehicle that has many good years

For a luxury vehicle, that means saving a lot of money on a car known for its opulence. When you buy a lightly-used BMW X5, you get modern luxury features for much less, including optional park
assist technology
, comfortable leather seating, automatic temperature
control, rear-seat entertainment for the kids, heated seats and steering, and
capable all-wheel drive.

Find out what else the BMW SUV has to offer,
including a spacious interior and plenty of cargo space. Here's a review of the
2013 model:

Visit us at 96 Signet Dr in
Toronto to learn more about our used
and the like-new qualities of our luxury
used BMW selection.

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