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The Modern Mercedes-Benz Exists Thanks to a Wild Road Trip in 1888

The Modern Mercedes-Benz Exists Thanks to a Wild Road Trip in 1888

Mercedes-Benz is one of our bestselling brands at Faraz Auto Sales. The Mercedes-Benz brand is famous in the present day for creating highest quality luxury vehicles. Historically, Mercedes-Benz is famous for creating the first patented automobile, and for embarking on the first ever long distance car trip.

Bertha Benz and her husband, inventor Karl Benz were something of a power couple. Karl was a brilliant inventor, working tirelessly on the "horseless carriage." Bertha was his financier, and marketing strategist.

Taking her teenaged sons in tow, Bertha Benz drove out into the countryside of Germany in 1888, fueling up at apothecaries in towns she passed through. Nobody had ever seen a car on the road before. She startled and intrigued everyone she passed by, and she was careful to pass through as many different villages as she could.

When she reached her destination safely, she proved that the automobile worked, and drummed up business for her husband's invention. Thanks to Bertha and Karl Benz, we have our luxury pre-owned vehicles for sale today. Modern automobiles simply wouldn't be the same without them!

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