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This Year's Most-Popular Non-Luxury Used Vehicles

This Year's Most-Popular Non-Luxury Used Vehicles

consumers know that when it is time to trade in your car or purchase one for
the first time, you should always look for a used
first. Not only are you likely to drive away from
the dealership with significantly more money still in your wallet but
oftentimes there is very little separating an a new car from the same one that
was made two years beforehand.

That is good advice for anyone, but when it comes time to
choose which vehicle to purchase, it is sometimes helpful to hear what other
consumers are buying in the world of used cars. That is why we are here today
with the makes and models of the most popular used cars this year.

For those interested in a simple sedan, this year's most
popular used models have included: the Ford Fusion, the
Hyundai Elantra, the Toyota Avalon, and the Honda Accord. All of these vehicles
are considered to be elites within the Sedan category and have been for some
time. That means that even a model from several years ago can deliver the same
great driving experience as if it just rolled off the assembly line.

For drivers who find they need more space and power, the most
popular vehicles in the SUV/Crossover/Wagon segment include: the Subaru
Outback, the Honda CR-V, and the Toyota Highlander.

While Faraz Auto Sales Ltd. mostly deals
in used luxury cars, our large inventory is also filled with
many of the models on today's list. Stop by our showroom located at 96
Signet Dr. Toronto, ON
today and explore all the great used cars we
have available to drivers in the Toronto area.


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