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Top Luxury Features available on Land Rover Vehicles

Top Luxury Features available on Land Rover Vehicles

When it comes to luxury, Land Rover vehicles are on top of the game. These vehicles are meant for rugged terrain and the high performance that comes with it. Their efficiency and comfort make them some of the most enticing luxury cars on the market. Here’s a list of some of their top features which will help you pick the perfect Land Rover vehicle for your needs.


Auto-Dimming Rearview Mirrors

Land Rover vehicles come with auto-dimming rearview mirrors. These mirrors are designed to automatically adjust the brightness of the mirror based on the amount of light in your vehicle’s interior, so you can see clearly at all times.


Powered Gesture Tailgate


These luxurious vehicles also feature a powered gesture tailgate that allows you to open and close the rear doors without having to use your hands. The system works by detecting movement around the tailgate and automatically operating the door.


Heated Front Seats

Another fantastic feature of Land Rover vehicles is they come with 20-way electric heated front seats. These seats can be adjusted to your liking and are very comfortable to sit on. The seats are heated up to the point where you feel like you’re sitting in a warm bathtub, which is really nice during a long drive.


Steering Wheel

Another luxurious feature of Land Rover vehicles is a soft-grain leather steering wheel. The steering wheel is designed to feel comfortable and natural in your hands. It won’t interrupt your driving experience at all and won’t make your palms sweaty on a long drive.


Front and Rear Parking Aid

Top-of-the-line Land Rover vehicles come with front and rear parking aid. These parking aids make manoeuvring very easy. The vehicles are equipped with sensors on the front and rear bumper. These sensors can be activated manually or when you switch to reverse gear. When you begin parking, the touchscreen display in your vehicle will show you where you are headed, and you will also receive audio feedback if you are near any obstacles.


Get a Top Land Rover Vehicle Today!

The Land Rover is full of technology and luxury features that work together to make them even more desirable. It includes a remote start system that allows you to start the car from outside, keyless entry, automatic windshield wipers/washers, electronic front/rear sunblinds, rear seat entertainment for two, Bluetooth connectivity and more. Explore our Used Land Rovers For sale in Toronto and book a test drive.


These vehicles are the epitome of luxury and have been fan favorites for the past few decades. With more features added to each trim, it’s no wonder customers love getting their hands on a Land Rover.

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