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Used Mercedes-Benz | Maintenance and Durability

Used Mercedes-Benz | Maintenance and Durability

When you buy a luxury car like a Mercedes-Benz, you naturally expect to pay a premium, even for a used model. But the extra expense doesn't necessarily stop once you drive off the lot. Insurance for upscale cars is more expensive, of course, but not many people consider the ongoing costs of maintenance and repair. For luxury models which sell in smaller numbers than more mass-market brands, these costs can be significantly higher.


That's the bad news. The good news is that many luxury cars are much more reliable than cheaper vehicles, and if you maintain them carefully, expensive repairs are much less likely to be needed.


This is certainly true if you buy a used Mercedes-Benz. The combination of excellent German engineering and a reputation for durability means that even older Mercedes-Benz cars can be kept running well with just a little care.


What's the best way to approach used Mercedes-Benz maintenance? Here are five simple but effective tips.


1) High-Quality Servicing

The most important point is to keep to a regular servicing routine. Your Mercedes owner's manual will tell you how often servicing should be done, but in general a used Mercedes-Benz should be serviced every 16,000km or twelve months, whichever comes first.


2) Authorized Mechanics

Importantly, always use an authorized Mercedes-Benz repair shop for servicing and repairs to ensure expert attention. Your local general repair shop may be able to handle basic Mercedes repairs, but a specialist will have better access to knowledge and parts to do the job more effectively for a lower cost.


3) Use Official Parts

During repairs or servicing, don't try and save money by using generic parts. Your Mercedes-Benz is a highly engineered vehicle that relies on all the components working together. Genuine OEM parts may cost a little more than generic or second-hand ones, but in the long term they'll keep costs down.


4) Use Premium Fuel and Oil

Similarly, if your Mercedes-Benz requires premium fuel and oil, don't be tempted to use lower quality versions to save money. Using inferior fuel can speed up wear and tear, leading to costly repairs more quickly than with premium.


5) Careful Storage

Lastly, make sure your Mercedes is kept out of the elements as much as possible, especially at the height of summer or winter. Corrosion is a major problem in luxury cars, particularly older ones, as with fewer replacement parts available it can be very costly to fix.


Used Mercedes-Benz and Other Luxury Cars in Toronto

However, one of the best ways of reducing the expense of repairs is to make sure you buy a high-quality vehicle in the first place. At Faraz Auto Sales we have one of the largest selections of used luxury cars in Toronto, and we're specialists in pre-owned Mercedes-Benz vehicles among other premium brands.


All our used cars go through a comprehensive testing and inspection process before we put them on sale, so you can be assured the vehicle you buy will be in great condition. And should your car need any attention down the line, our authorized parts and service departments are equipped to handle all brands and models of luxury vehicles, new or old.


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