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What Are the Best YouTube Channels for BMW Owners?

What Are the Best YouTube Channels for BMW Owners?

Owning a BMW is a sure-fire way to increase your pleasure in driving. But the BMW world can provide plenty more entertainment too, even when you car is sat in the garage. YouTube offers many channels devoted to different aspects of this premium brand and its cars, providing information and diversion for BMW owners in Toronto and beyond. Here are six of the best channels to check out.

1) ShopLifeTV

ShopLifeTV is managed by Jason, an avid BMW fan who fell in love with the company's cars when he acquired an E46 model aged just sixteen. He's since gone on to own several other BMW cars, most recently a 2015 BMW F80 M3, and along the way he's picked up plenty of expertise which he's now on a mission to share. The channel features builds, tutorials, DIY projects, accessory and product reviews, and more, spread across nearly 250 well-made and accessible videos.

2) E39Source

E39Source is built around a BMW enthusiast community and aims to provide comprehensive but entertaining tutorials about the BMW E39 5 Series, particularly the M5. However, the channel has grown to cover other popular BMW models as well, with well over 500 videos to browse through.

3) BMW Group Classic

Based in Germany, the BMW Group Classic channel has features on classic and heritage BMW models from across the decades, including road cars, race cars, concept cars, and more. It also offers inside tours of BMW Group facilities, coverage of classic BMW events, and close-up looks at some of the company's most famous and exclusive cars,

4) M539 Restorations

If you have even a passing interest in older BMW models, M539 Restorations is a channel you shouldn't miss. The channel's founder has owned more than 25 BMW models over the years, and pours his knowledge into videos about repairs, revivals, and restorations of Bimmers of all kinds. The channel also features video accounts of BMW-buying road trips across Europe.

5) Restore It

The Restore It channel is run by an amateur mechanic and full-time BMW enthusiast, and details the ongoing restoration of a 1987 BMW E30 325i with weekly progress videos. To date, the channel has racked up over 60 million views and received over half a million subscribers, clearly showing the quality of the content it supplies.

6) BMW Official

Lastly, the official international BMW YouTube channel is a must-follow for all BMW owners. As well as offering over 400 videos covering BMW news, events, model releases, and more, it also grants access to a global community of over a million BMW devotees, so you can join in with discussions, share tips, and connect with fellow owners far and wide.

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