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What Features Make a Luxury Car?

What Features Make a Luxury Car?

Ever wonder what luxury car features make a luxury car? 

What Features Make a Luxury Car Faraz Auto Sales

The term "luxury" means anything that goes beyond the basics. Any A-to-B beater can get you from one point to another, but a luxury car goes well past that. It offers more than the basics, adding prestige, comfort, and quality.

Standard vehicles have a reasonably comfortable interior, a competent powertrain, and a comfort-leaning chassis and suspension. Most standard vehicles also have enough amenities to keep most people comfortable and happy on the road and many also offer the ergonomics required to make driving as easy as possible.

A luxury car's features will include all of those things, but taken to a new level of excellence. Luxury cars in Toronto, for example, will have a better chassis and suspension, aimed towards not only comfort, but also driver engagement. Other luxury car features will include a top-notch interior experience with excellent materials and a flow of design and ergonomics that's beyond compare. The engine, transmission, and drivetrain of the luxury car will be perfectly tuned and charged with delivering confidence and excellence at every press of a pedal.

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Unlike most standard vehicles, the ride quality, road noise levels, and driver engagement in a luxury car will be perfected. No matter the road conditions, a luxury car (unless tuned for sport driving, a different ideal) will seem to float over the roadway without registering the imperfections, but it will do so without disengaging the driver from the road, allowing feedback into the pedals and steering to maximize engagement.

Another aspect of luxury car features that's often forgotten is the dealership experience. A luxury car dealer offers more than just a "buy your car here" experience. Luxury sales includes in-depth knowledge of not only the product, but also the nuances of the options and brands in it. Luxury at a dealership also means being treated extremely well, without pushiness or desperate sales tactics. Whether a sit down over coffee to discuss options or getting out to drive every option on the lot is your style, a luxury dealership can cater.

The best way to describe luxury car features on the whole, then, is to say that in a luxury car, the driver and passengers are treated to the best of everything. Imperfections are minimized or eliminated and excellence is the norm. As Jaguar was fond of saying, "Grace, Pace, and Space" are the keys to luxurious driving.

For luxury cars in Toronto, Faraz Auto Sales offers every top end brand on the market. From Audi to Jaguar to BMW, we have it all. Plus some supercars and hard-to-find super luxe models. Come see what we can do for you.

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