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What is the Best Used Mercedes to Buy

What is the Best Used Mercedes to Buy

Mercedes produce some of the most desirable luxury cars in the world, but you don't necessarily need to spend a fortune for the privilege of driving one. Thanks to their consistently high sales over many decades, there are plenty of pre-owned Mercedes cars available, many at highly attractive discounts over their new prices.

If you're considering a used Mercedes, the answers to these four frequently asked questions might help you decide whether to take the plunge.

1) What is the Cheapest Model of Mercedes?

Mercedes might be known as a manufacturer of high-end cars, but not all their models cost a fortune. The current CLA Class was redesigned in 2020 and its price increased, but older models can be found on the pre-owned market for as little as $19k, although the $20k-$25k range is more realistic.


With a Mercedes CLA Class from 2019 or earlier, you can expect an entry-level introduction to the Mercedes brand values of comfort and style, without paying a premium for power under the hood.

2) Is There a Difference Between Mercedes and Mercedes-Benz?

Although many people refer to the company simply as Mercedes, most of the cars in the range are produced under the correct name of Mercedes-Benz. While this name shortening doesn't matter for most pre-owned cars, there's a potential for some confusion when referring to cars sold under the Mercedes-AMG name.


The AMG brand is owned by the same parent company, Daimler, but the cars it produces are aimed at the high-performance market, and have high price tags to match. Examples of Mercedes cars given the AMG treatment include the M Class, S Class, CLS, and the G Class, all of which cost north of $100k when new.

3) Are Mercedes Cars Reliable After 200,000km?

Mercedes cars are built to last, and while every individual vehicle in a lineup can have different levels of reliability, there are many proven examples of Mercedes cars powering past the 200,000km mark and still going strong.


However, as with any car, the key to keeping a Mercedes running healthily with a high kilometre count is diligent maintenance, so make sure to ask for a detailed service history before buying any pre-owned Mercedes with plenty on the clock,

4) What is the Best Mercedes to Buy Used?

The best Mercedes to buy used depends on what you're looking for in a car. If you want the true luxury experience that the company is famous for, then a model like the CLS550 supplies all the high-end comforts you could wish for, and is also fitted with an engine that puts out 400 horsepower for astonishing performance.


But if you're looking for an all-round car that combines high comfort, great performance, and relative affordability, then a C Class model like the C300 is hard to beat.

Find Your Ideal Used Mercedes for Sale in Toronto


Visit our North York, Ontario, dealership to browse the premier range of pre-owned Mercedes-Benz models in Canada. From the powerful S Class to the affordable CLA, our Mercedes range includes fully tested and reconditioned luxury cars for every budget.


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