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When Engines Overheat

When Engines Overheat

A look Inside An Engine

When the temperature gauge on the dashboard rises, the engine is overheating. The most common reason involves insufficient coolant levels. Check the reservoir, hoses, and radiators for possible leaks. However, it may just be that coolant needs added. A malfunctioning radiator or radiator fan might also be the problem. Other things to look for include a damaged or a collapsed hose. A worn thermostat is another common cause of overheating.

At the first indication of increased engine heat, get your vehicle into our service center in Toronto to have the problem checked. Otherwise, the excessive heat could lead to damaged engine cylinders, pistons, valves or other engine components. Without a quick fix, damage may become costly. It is a good idea to periodically check your vehicle's coolant system for possible signs of wear before problems arise. At FARAZ AUTO SALES, we will inspect and flush the system as recommended by the manufacturer.

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