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Why a Pre-Owned Vehicle Makes for a Smart Purchase in Toronto

Why a Pre-Owned Vehicle Makes for a Smart Purchase in Toronto

We all want to be smart with our money when we decide to make purchases. That's especially true when shopping for a luxury vehicle. So many times, Toronto car shoppers buy a brand new luxury model, only to be devastated by its resale value nosedive a few years later. On the other hand, a pre-owned luxury vehicle makes for an incredibly smart purchase.

Why is that? First of all, a new vehicle can lose its value by as much as 19% in the first year of ownership alone. A used vehicle, however, generally holds its value at a much better rate. Plus, used vehicles tend to get lower insurance rates and registration fees. Not to mention the most obvious advantage... they're more affordable to purchase!

Whether you're considering a used Mercedes-Benz, used BMW, or used Audi, you're making a smart vehicle purchase.

Browse our entire pre-owned luxury and performance vehicle inventory, and visit Faraz Auto Sales for a test drive!

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