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Canada's 5 Top Selling Luxury Cars

Explore Canada's Best yet East-to-Afford Luxury Cars

Top Luxury Cars in Canada With so many vehicles to choose from nowadays, it is hard to figure out which one would be best for you. Thanks to today's technology, people no longer have to rely on the word-of-mouth to find out if a vehicle has plenty of features that you would need.


Thanks to online consumer reviews, finding out how well a certain car will rank against its competitors is a quick and easy task. Many people rely solely on these online reviews when trying to pick their next vehicle. This means that essentially, the vehicles that have the most positive reviews would also be the top-selling vehicle for that year.


At Faraz Auto Sales, we understand that your time is valuable. That is why we have saved you the trouble of having to sift through hundreds, if not thousands, of online reviews, and instead, have listed the top 5 best-selling luxury cars in Toronto.


We have based our list on not only consumer reviews, but we have also done our own research to determine which luxury brand has the best features and has made the most sales in Canada.

1.) Tesla

If you are looking for a heart-stopping all-electric vehicle that gives its drivers plenty of power and comfort then the Telsa Model S is for you. The all-electric sedan continues to rank best in its class year after year. The Tesla Model S features a 17-inch touchscreen display that allows you to adjust several different aspects of the car, including the radio, climate control, navigation system, headlights, and it even allows you to adjust the suspension. This 5-door car also offers its drivers and passengers plenty of head-space, legroom, and cargo space.

2.) BMW

For generations, BMW has been the first thing that most people think of when they think of a luxury car. One of its most popular models is the BMW M3. The M3 has several luxurious options to choose from, including a heads-up display, reverse camera, a navigation system, and much more.

3.) Audi

Audis have become increasingly popular over the years. One of the models that we get asked about the most is the Audi Q5. This sporty little crossover features dual climate controls, 8.3-inch LCD monitor, Bluetooth connectivity, Serius XM Radio, a navigation system, and steering wheel-mounted controls.

4.) Mercedes- Benz

The Mercedes-Benz cooperation was founded in 1926. Since that time, the luxury car manufacturing giants have sold over 200,000 vehicles worldwide. At Faraz Auto Sales, we have one of the largest inventories of pre-owned Mercedes-Benz to meet everyone's style and budget.

Out Mercedes-Benz CLS63 features a sunroof, red leather seats, an automatic transmission, and a plethora of other safety and comfort features.

5.) Porche

The Porsche 911 CARRERA S exquisitely combines sophisticated style with luxurious comfort. With its sleek exterior curves and its leather-trimmed interior, no matter what year model you choose, you will be driving one of the most outstanding vehicles that can be found on the road today.

At Faraz Auto Sales, we have the largest selection of pre-owned luxury vehicles. If you are wanting a high-end vehicle that will fit your budget, then feel free to contact us today and let us show you all of the wonderful vehicles that we have to offer.