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Rolls-Royce Wraith Expert Review

Few upscale brands boast the sheer class and history of Rolls-Royce. Their reputation for luxury is unmatched, and their cars have been favourites of high-end users from pop stars to aristocrats for decades.

But putting all this pedigree aside, are Rolls-Royce vehicles still a valuable option in the present day? The answer is a resounding yes, as their highly desirable Wraith model shows.


Sleek Design


The brand image of Rolls-Royce may be one of long, heavy cars, but the Wraith offers something a little different. As a two-door coupe, it's more suited to the high-end owner who loves to drive, rather than those who prefer the services of a chauffeur. And while the outline is curvier and more swept-back than other Rollers, it still features all the reassuring heft and confidence you'd expect from the brand.

Under the Hood


As you'd expect from a car built using plenty of underlying BMW engineering, the Rolls-Royce Wraith is no slouch in performance terms. Indeed, this car is by a stretch the sportiest and sleekest model the company has ever produced, while still staying true to the traditional values of smoothness and an almost spooky silence from within the cabin.

The 6.6L twin-turbo V12 makes an astonishing 624 horsepower and 605lb-ft of torque, passed through an eight-speed automatic transmission to resolutely rear-wheel drive only. There are many full-size trucks which come nowhere near these figures, and considering the Wraith's smaller format, it's clear that there's power to spare.

In acceleration tests, the Wraith managed 0-100kmh in just 4.1 seconds, by a distance the best results from the stately Rolls-Royce brand. This performance puts the car firmly in the same bracket as speed-demons like the Alfa Romeo 4C and the BMW M4.

But don't expect anything like a white-knuckle racetrack drive. The Wraith is silky smooth, with impeccable handling and a suspension that almost entirely isolates the occupants from the bumps and hassles of the outside world.

Interior Luxury


The Wraith seats four people, with the rear pair of bucket seats providing an unusually comfortable second-row experience. The front seats offer even more luxury with an in-built massage facility to soothe muscles on longer drives. A long list of options from ventilated seats to interior materials choices makes it easy to customize the Wraith to your exact tastes.
Navigation is included as standard with all recent Wraith model years, and there's also an 18-speaker audio system, Bluetooth, audio streaming, and a Wi-Fi hotspot facility.

Active Safety Features

A car with the Wraith's power and heft makes for a reassuring driving feel, but safety and stability is enhanced even further with a range of active driver assist features. Standard and available highlights include:

  • Lane departure warnings.
  • Front and rear parking sensors.
  • Adaptive cruise control.


Experience the Rolls-Royce Wraith in Toronto

Experience the timeless class and pedigree of the Rolls-Royce Wraith for yourself with a test drive from our Toronto showroom. Other brands may offer similar features and performance, but only Rolls-Royce provides such enviable cachet and unmatched luxuriousness.