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Used Mercedes Benz

It's a clear fact that Canadians prefer used cars over new. Denizens of the Great White North purchase more used cars, by almost half, than they do new. Few new luxury cars are as sought-after as are Mercedes-Benz vehicles. Finding a used Mercedes for sale, some will say, is about as good as it can get. There is no secret that we love Mercedes vehicles. Buyers also love getting a used Mercedes in Toronto for far less than showroom pricing on a new one. The chief reason to buy used, after all, is to avoid the depreciation that comes with a new car purchase. Buying a used car puts the new car premium onus on someone else and lets you keep your finances in check without leaving off owning the luxury car you want.

Finding a Used Mercedes in Toronto

Here at Faraz Auto Sales, we have found that most buyers looking for the best deal for the money spent look towards a used Mercedes in the two to four year old market. Vehicles that are under five years old are usually still within warranty specifications in terms of reliability expectation and are usually sold as lease or trade-in vehicles and thus have a solid history of maintenance and care.
We currently have a robust inventory of used Mercedes for sale at Faraz, ranging from C-Class cars up to GL-Class utilities and M-Class sport models. We specialize in offering only the cleanest, most well-cared-for used Mercedes models in Toronto.

Why Buy a Used Mercedes?

Among the luxury makes that are most often sought after by Canadian buyers, the Mercedes-Benz models are most-often cited for reliability as a used vehicle purchase. With few exceptions, a well-cared-for Mercedes model is more likely to return a long, trouble-free lifespan.
Nearly all Mercedes-Benz models have, for years now, had excellent safety ratings. These ratings are often some of the best in the luxury vehicle market. For example, the 2015 Mercedes-Benz ML350 we currently have on our lot received a 5-Star crash test rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in the United States and is most well-known for its family versatility and fuel economy.
With average or low miles, that same ML350 holds a solid resale value due to its reputation for reliability. Those buying one of these crossover-SUVs can expect to see good pricing, as depreciation brings the original manufacturer's price down by nearly forty percent. Even on a low-mileage vehicle.
Pricing is, of course, the primary reason Canadians are interested in a used Mercedes for sale. From new, a used Mercedes can depreciate by tens of percentage points in just its first year of ownership and continue to depreciate for at least three years, depending on the model. For used buyers, of course, that's incentive to buy used over new. As an example, when new, the 2016 Mercedes-Benz E400 AMG originally sold for about US$55,000 at its base level. Loading with options could push the price upwards to $70,000 or more. Now, a low- to average-mileage 2016 E400 AMG with its turbocharged six-cylinder engine retails around $35,000 to $50,000, depending on options packages. The convertible model demands a premium, of course, but still depreciated at about the same rate.

Manufacturer's Warranties Are For Fixing Kinks

Another reason to buy used that's not often considered is the warranty has run its course. This sounds counterintuitive to some, but the point of a manufacturer's warranty, as far as buyers are concerned, is to work out the kinks a new car will inevitably have.
In the manufacturing process, things are going to go wrong. It's unavoidable as assembly lines push cars through one station after the next, attaching thousands of parts together to make the whole. No matter how much effort is put into quality assurance, things will happen. Parts will be defective, attachments will be incorrect, and so on.
These kinks are usually worked out in the first two years of vehicle ownership. An incorrectly-mounted window lever, for example, could mean the window stops opening or closing at some point. A bad fuse could mean that the air conditioning stops operating. Both of these can be potentially expensive fixes. Unless the car is under warranty. Because most of these problems happen within the first couple of years of ownership, the new car buyer is the person most likely to be left dealing with them.
Most manufacturer warranty claims and recalls happen during the first two years of the car's life. In other words, a car built in 2016 will most likely have had its warranty-covered kinks worked out by 2018. Including safety issues unforseen in the design and build process.
This means that the used Mercedes buyer benefits because any problems the vehicle will have had when new have already been found and repaired.

Come In and See Our Inventory

The inventory of used Mercedes in Toronto here at Faraz Auto Sales changes regularly. Because of their high demand, the used Mercedes for sale on our lot are quickly purchased. Our helpful financing and one-on-one, personal treatment ensure that everyone who comes to Faraz finds the Mercedes they're looking for.

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