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Tips for Maintaining Your Luxury Vehicle

Tips for Maintaining Your Luxury Vehicle

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1) Take Care of Your Tires

Did you ask a mechanic to check your tires last time you had an oil change? Were the tires rotated recently? If you neglected to stay on top of your tire's condition, perform a penny check right away. The treads could be worn out. Look for damage to the treads regardless of the penny check's revealed depth.


Drivers sometimes neglect the signs of tire wear and damage because a vehicle appears to run fine. Things are fine until the tire goes flat or, worse, blows out on the road. Don't let things reach that point. Beware of blisters, cracks, dry rot, and punctures. You want to drive on safe tires. Otherwise, your vehicle represents an accident risk. If you don't feel comfortable checking the tires on your own, bring it to a garage or tire shop for an assessment.


2) Keep away Bad Odors

You may get into your car sometimes and think that it smells. This could have been because you left something in your vehicle, or it could be that you don’t have the right freshener. Every car has a smell. Even new cars can have an overpowering leather smell. There are many things that can cause even worse smells. Knowing what these smells are and preventing them is important.


One thing to do is vacuum your seats and floors. If you have a special upholstery attachment, then you can use that to get into crevices. Smoke and old food can also cause problems with odors. If you are smoking in your vehicle, then you are allowing it to soak into the fabric and vents.


You can fix most smells with baking soda or charcoal boxes that you can place under the seat. In addition, you can add light air fresheners that will give your vehicle a pleasant scent.


3) Change Your Oil Regularly

One of the most important things to know about oil is that it thickens and thins according to the temperature. Also, different oils come at different viscosity. Therefore, it is important to make sure that the oil is at the right level for your vehicle at the right time of the year.


One of the factors that come with the oil and the temperature is if it gets too thin. Once the oil gets too thin, then it is going to have a hard time lubricating the vehicle. As a result, this can leave the metal and other parts vulnerable to wear and tear.

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Check Your Brakes for Wear

To brake your car, the pads or drums are pushed against the wheel hub to create friction. If enough friction is generated, then your car will come to a stop. The action of using your brakes causes wear on both the brake pad or drum and the wheel hub. The result for the wheel hub is a shiny surface that gradually wears down no matter what type of material is used in the pads.


Your brake pads are designed to give you an aural warning that you need to replace them. Engineers have built-in an indicator, a tiny metal shim, at a depth of the pad where replacement is soon needed. If you hear a squeal when you press the brake while driving, it could be the shim rubbing against the hub.

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